The United States has announced the elimination of preferential WTO treatment for 25 developing countries

According to the U.S. trade representative’s office issued announcement, the 25 economies include Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Georgia, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Malaysia north, monte Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

According to the regulation of the world trade organization, where the developing countries of the world trade organization (WTO) recognition, all can enjoy the special and discrimination, including in the tariff tax reduction speed and amplitude is lower than the developed countries, developing countries preferential treatment over the years has become a trade between developed countries and developing countries.

The list was last published on June 2, 1998 (below).
If the US news is accurate, many major textile and apparel exporters such as Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand and so on will be unilaterally removed by us preferential treatment.

American exports of high-tech products to China may decrease, and the competitiveness of Chinese products in the market will be impacted.

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