The global epidemic is serious. All 50 states in Europe and the United States have fallen, and some public figures have also been infected.

As of 8 o ‘clock on March 19, a total of 130,132 cases of new pneumonia had been confirmed in China (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), with 5,446 deaths and 14,378 cures.

The world health organization has reported a total of 207,860 confirmed cases of pneumonia, 8,657 deaths and 166 reported cases in countries and regions as of 18:00 central European time (1:00 Beijing time) on Wednesday.

Ahmed mandarin, director of the who’s the regional office for the eastern Mediterranean, told the meeting that some regional countries had not informed who of all cases. He again stressed the importance of reporting to those who confirmed, suspected and close contacts of cases.

The United States
A total of 7769 new cases of pneumonia have been confirmed in the United States, including 118 deaths, as of 7:30 am, Beijing time, according to the global real-time outbreak data released by Johns Hopkins University.

U.S. stocks fell, with the s&p 500 extending losses to 7 percent, triggering the fourth circuit breaker this month and halting trading for 15 minutes.

US President Donald Trump also spoke for the second day in a row about the severity of the outbreak, saying: “the goal is to save the most lives possible” and “everything else can be redone. Life can never come back.”

As of 18:00 local time, 4207 new cases of crown pneumonia had been confirmed in Italy in 24 hours. A total of 35,713 cases were confirmed, 2,978 died and 4,025 were cured. Of the 28710 confirmed cases, 2257 were severe, and 12090 were isolated at home without symptoms.

The government may be forced to consider the possibility of an outright ban on outdoor activities. Transport minister Paola De Micheli told RAI he would not rule out extending the ban, ansa reported Monday.

Iran’s foreign minister: the outbreak is serious and calls on all countries to ignore us sanctions against Iran

As of noon, 1178 new cases of pneumonia had been confirmed in Iran, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 16169.

PM: if unable to work full-time, the deputy PM will take over the duties

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that if he is unable to fulfill his duties full-time, deputy prime minister Christine fang will take over. So far, 595 new cases of pneumonia have been confirmed in Canada, with 8 deaths.

The British
A total of 2626 new cases of pneumonia were confirmed and 71 deaths were reported.

Britain decided to step up testing. To support small and medium-sized enterprises in the crisis, the British government launched a series of emergency rescue plans. Johnson also said “we have to act like a wartime government” to fight the outbreak.

The French
France has become the third country in Europe to go on a “war footing” after Italy and Spain, with 9,134 new cases of pneumonia, 264 deaths and half of the critically ill under the age of 60.

The finance minister, Michel le Maire, announced a €45 billion fund to “help the French economy and companies fight the epidemic”, a €300 billion state guarantee for loans from Banks and all measures to support big companies, including “nationalization”.

Spain has confirmed 13,716 cases and declared a 20% GDP response to the outbreak

A total of 2,538 new cases of pneumonia were confirmed in Japan, with a total of 598 deaths. The announcement of a 200 billion euro aid package to mitigate the effects of the outbreak, which amounts to 20 percent of Spain’s gross domestic product, will see half of the money go to corporate credit guarantees and the rest to help vulnerable groups, provide benefits to unemployed workers and allow affected groups to suspend mortgage payments.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Germany rose to 12,327, with 28 deaths

In a televised address, chancellor Angela Merkel said the situation facing Germany was very grave and called on the German people to unite to tackle the biggest challenge Germany has faced since the second world war.

The vice president of the Japanese Olympic Committee has been diagnosed with pneumonia

Japan football association (JFA) President Kozo Tajima has been diagnosed with pneumonia, Kyodo news agency reported Thursday. He is also a director of FIFA and vice chairman of the Japanese Olympic organizing committee. It also casts another shadow over the future of the Tokyo Olympics.

American basketball star Kevin Durant has tested positive for a new coronavirus

Four players from the NBA’s Brooklyn nets have tested positive for new titles and are in quarantine, the team announced Thursday. The nets did not release the names of the four, but according to local media, they include superstar Durant.

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