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The Night Light Solar Candle is an eco-friendly light designed and developed in SA

As the name would suggest, the Night Light Solar Candle is a solar powered, eco-friendly light source alternative, designed and developed in South Africa to assist impoverished households and poorer communities who often rely heavily upon paraffin lamps at night. This new product has even caught the attention of the World Bank-backed non-profit organisation (NPO) Lighting Africa, which seeks to provide “modern off-grid lighting products in Sub-Saharan Africa”, according to its manifesto. Lighting Africa has shortlisted the Solar Candle for distribution throughout Africa, [...]

Why use solar candle?

Are you tired of cleaning the candle drops on the tablecloth and worry about the possibility of fire? Do you want simple and carefree camping, but worry about wind and rain? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you have come to the right place.  Unlike traditional candles, waterproof solar candles have the smallest safety hazards compared with ordinary burning candles. These candles are powered by solar energy and are waterproof. They are drip-proof and environmentally friendly, [...]