Monthly Archives - September 2020

Costco’s fourth quarter revenue rose 12.4% to $53.38 billion

On September 27, Costco, an American supermarket group, recently released its fourth quarter results for fiscal year 2020. According to the financial report of this period, Costco realized operating revenue of 53.383 billion US dollars, up 12.39% year on year; The net profit attributable to common shareholders of the parent company was US $1389 million, The net sales volume was $52.277 billion, up 12.5% year on year; the earnings per share was $3.14, up from $2.49 in the same period [...]

Market Intelligence: NRF:In 2020 Halloween, Consumers in the United States will focus on home, and total spending will drop slightly

According to NRF, fewer consumers plan to attend the party this year, more consumers plan to decorate their houses. Prosper Insights&Analytics conducted annual survey for NRF and found, more than 148 million American adults plan to participate in Halloween related activities. In these celebrations, safety is the highest activity at home: 53% plan to decorate their houses, up slightly from 49% last year. More than three-quarters of respondents said, the covid-19 virus is affecting their celebration plans, overall participation rate dropped to [...]

Choose The Best Flameless Candles For your Candlelight Dinner

Do you like the romantic candlelight dinner? Before have a candlelight dinner, first of all, you should get the best candles, the very thought of fire out resulting from the candle drips give me chills. Moreover, cleaning the candle drips from your favorite table cloths is also another boring task that most people very much like to avoid. Well, you don’t have to choose between a candlelight dinner and a cleanup mess anymore because solar powered candles are there [...]